A new article reveals that weddings with 100 guests generate over 15 tons of carbon emissions. This can blow out to 50 tons for weddings of over 200 guests! Horrifying, right?

The article lists five simple ways to lower this carbon footprint:

  1. Choosing a vintage dress to reuse. Wanna know how? Read our article on recycled wedding dresses!
  2. Renting decorations. It’s cheaper and it’s more sustainable.
  3. Rent dinnerware, or at least use recycled and/or compostable items like napkins, cutlery or cups.
  4. Ditch the paper invitations and go digital! Find out more in our very own article on eco-friendly invitations!
  5. DIY! We all love creating cool things, and the upside is lowering our carbon footprint at the same time.

Check out the article for more details.

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