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Beeswax wraps for leftovers

By now you would've heard of the new trend that's got the world...wait for it...wrapped! (Sorry). Beeswax wraps are an alternative to the plastic that's choking our planet and wasting resources. ABC News has a great short little video showing how it's done! The steps...

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5 easy ways to have a carbon-neutral wedding

A new article reveals that weddings with 100 guests generate over 15 tons of carbon emissions. This can blow out to 50 tons for weddings of over 200 guests! Horrifying, right? The article lists five simple ways to lower this carbon footprint: Choosing a vintage dress...

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Bamboo straws offer reusable eco alternative

Cruelty-free Aussie brand Flora & Fauna have released these amazing looking reusable and cleanable bamboo straws. They say on their Facebook page that over 500 million plastic straws are dumped in the United States, every single day. Frightening! These could be a...

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